Greening The Desert

Join – this is how it works

Our campaign follows the motto: Giving – Buying – Lending The project can be supported through an ethical investment, the purchase of CO2 certificates and a donation. Every EURO invested in the project allows SEKEM to reclaim another 1.44 square meters of desert land

Become carbon neutral by supporting our project “Greening The Desert”. Buy the SEKEM own CO2 Certificates in the SEKEM online-shop. 100 % of the revenue goes to the project “Greening The Desert – 2019”.

The carbon credits come from SEKEMs afforestation projects and biodynamic agriculture in Egypt

SEKEM offers supporters the opportunity to invest in the project. You can choose between an interest-free loan or an inerest up to 10% – repaid in SEKEM vouchers. You choose the amount.

Interest based loan – how it works

  • Interest is paid annually in SEKEM vouchers
  • Interest up to 10% – you decide the amount
  • Period 10 years
  • Bullet-repayment at the end of the contract term
  • This option is currently only available for residents in a EU-Member state

Zero-interest loan – how it works

  • We accept zero-interest loans from 250 to 25.000 EURO
  • Callable at any time
  • Repayment will be made 3 months afer termination

SEKEM vouchers can be used in the SEKEM online-shop for SEKEMs high quality Demeter-certified products, for CO2 certificates and for a stay in the SEKEM Guesthouse.

If you want to support the project “Greening The Desert” donate directly to the project.


Donations to the project are non tax-deductible

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