In this update we have two reasons to celebrate. We achieved 50 % of our initial goal of raising 400.000 Euros and the cultivation started.

50 % done – 50 % to go

We are happy to announce that the first Pivot is running and the cultivation of the first 21 hectares started.

Thanks to our numerous supporters we were able to raise already 200.000 Euro in the past few weeks. We are very grateful that so many people were delighted by our project and decided to join our campaign. You want to support our campaign as well!


Cultivation started!

In order to do that we brought more than 1000 tons of compost to our farm in Bahariyya and started to plant spearmint on the first half of the pivot. In the coming days we will finish the first cultivation of the newly reclaimed land by planting peanuts on the remaining 10 hectares.

What happens next?

Our next big step is to install the solar-panels for the first pivot. Currently we are preparing the sight by building the foundation for the solar panels and by the end of the month we will start to install the solar system.

Check our updates and stay tuned!